What if I told you one secret right now that will not only increase your optins, but make your lists ultra-responsive?

I’m going to tell you exactly how, but first…

Take a look at the results of a recent promotion to a small segment of one of my lists for a high ticket item priced at $77 (standard) and $197 (advanced).

ClickBank Results

Notice 10 sales @$197 price point (Item #5) and only 1 sale $77 (Item #6).
Don’t take notice of the $983.99 total, that includes other sales during the same time period.
Ask yourself: “Why did they opt to purchase the $197 version over the much cheaper $77 version?” After all they were almost an identical product apart from one additional aspect. More to come…

See what I’ve earned from one customer alone by doing this one single thing. And this is not the only customer, I have many others…

Mark Acutt Customer

Yes, that’s $5,049.00 to date, from ONE customer.

Whether or not you have a list, please take a few minutes to hear me out…r

You probably already know:

That the truth is; it’s difficult making money online. If it were easy everybody would have quit their 9 -5 job and switch their careers over to internet marketing.

You’ve seen the sites with their hypey sales letters promising you riches if you buy “Product X” right now and you’d be rich within 1 month, 1 week or even 1 day with only a few mouse clicks.

Those scams don’t work, and I’m not going to insult your intelligence either…

But with a little effort, and this one simple “secret”, you could turn your website visitors into high value customers.

Do I have your attention?

Wanna know the “secret”?

The secret is… drum roll

Make a SOLID CONNECTION with your subscribers.

It literally is that simple, but it’s also the most important thing marketers don’t do and fail at.

“Lists” are not numbers, they’re people. People like you and me that want to be treated like people.

So why do so many marketers treat “lists” as an advertising medium? To promote offer after offer and expect sales.

This is where 99% of marketers go WRONG:

  • They have a simple email AR (auto responder) series that doesn’t connect, it sells.
  • They end up with a bunch of leads but zero (or very little) customers.
  • In desperation they get “sloppy” and start pimping offer after offer in the hope of a sale.
  • Their leads/customers start ignoring, delete their emails or unsubscribe from their lists. They’ve already lost the game at this point.
  • They’ve done all this work for zero (or very little) sales and lost a ton of money in the process.
And there’s money being left on the table constantly.


Think about it, what makes sales?

Let’s say you were looking for a a used car. You already know you’re looking for a used car.

What if the salesman approached you and said: “Dude, this car is for you! I think you should totally buy it.” – Would you buy it?

Probably not. And he’d be crazy to show you another car using the same pitch, you’d just walk away.

Without “wining and dining” and nurturing your ego he’s not going to get very far.

Now what if he made you feel like a friend, talked to you, understood what you were looking for, then showed you a car that he thought was the right fit and style for you?

If he was really good he’d follow a process of making a connection, building trust and developing the relationship with you throughout the entire sales process.

Before you know it, you’ll be driving away with a new car.

Online, that’s your job! To be the “good” used car salesman.

You know that the “old school” methods of driving traffic directly to an offer doesn’t work as good as it once used to – right?

Visitors are smarter. Alone, even presell pages don’t convert as well as they used to.

That’s where email marketing comes into it’s own…

Instead of going for the sale on the front end – you have a MUCH higher chance of making the sale on the back end.


Back to my ClickBank stats…

 Why did I sell 10x more of the $197 product compared to the 1 sale of the $77 version?

It isn’t the size of my list, in fact I’ll come clean and tell you that I don’t have massive lists. In fact most of my lists are small compared to many other marketers.

But by segmenting and segregating my lists I create “sub-lists”. When an offer comes along that suits them I will send it out to who I know will be interested. There’s a lot more to it than this but that’s the basics…

It’s also down to how I positioned the product. It doesn’t matter about the price point if you can get the product positioning right.

Emphasize on how it will help them, how it will benefit them and what they’ll be missing out if they don’t have it.

But you can only do this once you’ve established a solid connection with your prospects (leads or customers).



A visitor lands on your website (it doesn’t matter how they got there), and they’re often sold to directly from that landing page.

Even if you have a ‘bridge’ page or ‘presell’ page, the fact is; you’re not making a good enough connection.

By the term “connection” I’m referring to:

Trust and relationship building. Understanding who your visitors are and their needs, wants, and desires (NWD’s). You need to get this nailed before you do one single thing (website, traffic, auto responder).

You need to profile your target audience, get into their head and BECOME them. Then you can position yourself as having the solution (been there done it, got the postcard).



Whenever promoting a product (your own or as an affiliate) most people don’t know exactly who their target audience is. They don’t know who their customers are.

It’s an extremely important step to get the right message across to the right type of person.You must do this first for ANY market.

In TLC I show you how to do this BEFORE you even start collecting names and email addresses. Before you write one single word anywhere.

You’ll get to see how to create a customer profile, research their demographics, understand their needs, wants and desires. Then decide what type of product will suit them best.

It’s all shown as I’ve done it in The List Connection for an evergreen and very lucrative market.

This itself will help you get your message across 100x better than going into a market blind.

Know your customer, connect with them, and watch the sales roll in.



Maybe you’ve tried email marketing before, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a list yet.

If you have a list, let me ask you: “What’s the best optin rate you’ve achieved?”

5%? 8%?

Maybe you’re really good and manage 12%. Now that’s a good optin rate if that’s what you’re happy with.

Even at 12% it’s difficult to make profit. Let’s be very optimistic and say you get a 10% conversion rate from those leads, that equals 1.2. So out of every 100 visitors, 12 optin and you get 1 sale.

1 sale doesn’t cut it, especially if you want to throw paid traffic into the mix.

The fact is; you’re losing.



Don’t make them jump through hoops. Don’t make them have to optin or even buy a product.

The “secret” is; making the connection with your prospect.

Don’t have an optin, and don’t go for the sale…

Here’s the BASIC idea:

  • Create a presell page/website.
  • Place a free report on that page they can download for free (no signup).
  • Within that report you’ll have a link to get ‘more’ that points to a signup page on your website.
  • Market the “full product” via auto responder (the right way that connects and converts into sales).

NOTE: You get to see this in action.

Make sense? This way you’re not making them jump through hoops to get your initial information, they can download it right there and then.

How many visitors do you think will download “Part 1” of your report if it’s there as a download link with no catches?

By reading your report the visitor becomes more ‘committed’ to you. “Wow, this guy knows his stuff, I can’t believe he’s given away for free. Where’s part 2…?”

In fact the optin rate can be as high as 30,% 40, 50 or even 60%, depending on your market and how good a job you do of making the initial connection.

And this system my friend, equals someone who’s interested to hear more from you (pre qualified), and you’ve already laid the foundation to a good relationship.

Then that’s where things get interesting!



What do you do when you have subscribers on your list?

Seriously, do you know how to market to them “properly”? If you’re happy with pimping offer after offer to them then that’s fine. But expect poor sales and your list to become unresponsive (dead).

That’s what will happen. I guarantee it.

If you don’t give your leads/customers “value” they will desert you quicker than a sinking ship.

I’m sure you get tons of emails per week pimping products. Honestly, how many of them do you read?

Here’s ONE example of the type of emails I get daily:

Bad EmailCome on! Is this making a connection? Do these guys think they’re gonna make sales?

Now, what if there was one guy that you could relate to, that understood your problem. That treat you like a real person without blatantly pushing products at you – would you read his/her emails?



So you have the optin, you’ve cracked Solution #1 and #2. Now what if…

…you developed (built upon) that initial connection with your lead/prospect?

What if you stood out from the crowd and built upon that trust and relationship? Do you think that would give a bigger advantage?

What do you think would happen if the prospect actually wanted to read your emails and looked forward to them?

Can you imagine people emailing YOU complaining that they haven’t heard from you in a while?

By implementing what TLC teaches you, you can expect your conversion rates to quadruple.

That’s how effective email marketing can be, and The List Connection is going to teach you how to do exactly that…


The List Connection will teach you:

The Key Principals of List Building

  • Talk to your prospect or customer, get them to relate to you and trust you.
  • Make your emails interesting. so they actually WANT to read what you have to say.
  • Give them “value”, but to hold back on giving away too much.

Segmenting and Segregation

  • Tailor your lists and autoresponders.
  • Target your leads and customers for much higher conversions.
  • Keep your lists “happy”, avoid pi**ing them off.

Creating Stories, Cliff Hangers and Open Loops

  • Engage your leads to quadruple your conversion rate.
  • Make multiple recurring sales from existing customers.
  • Get them to “connect” with you and look forward to your emails.

Fundamentals of Creating Your Emails

  • How not to sound like an English teacher, write to them in their own “language”.
  • Avoid having your emails stopped by spam checkers for total deliverability.
  • Craft your emails for maximum readability and interaction.

Customer Profiling & Product Affinity

  • Establish who your market are and their sub-niche for laser focused targeting.
  • Gather intel to use for writing your sales or presell page and emails.
  • Know what they’re looking for and how to offer it to them for best conversions.

Crafting Your Emails – Doing It!

  • Increase your regular optin rate from 12% or less to 30%, 40% or even 60%+
  • Use your ‘personna’ to engage your lead and then hit them with your offer.
  • Using enticing tactics to make your offer totally irresistible.

This may sound like simple stuff, and stuff you may know. But it’s very different to what you’ve seen…

…let me explain.

This is NOT only a report. Along with the 3x videos included you also get the following bonuses…


You get to see the complete website lead-gen and sales funnel with live website examples.

  • See how to make the initial connection with your visitor.
  • Proven system to get them to take action and signup to your list (expect a LOT more signups!).
  • Make the connection stronger by building upon trust and forming a relationship.
  • Give them that last ‘push’ over the edge that’ll convert them into a customer.


Along with live website examples you also get a 5-part email sequence I’ve written for this market.

Included is detailed dissections of each email explaining the methodology behind why it’s been written as such and to show you how each email in the sequence interconnects with each other to make a strong “connection”.

In TOTAL You Get:

  • The List Connection report – with 3x high quality videos included.
  • Live website examples of the high value, high converting lead-gen and sales funnels (for affiliates or merchants)
  • 5-part follow up email sequence written for the specific market chosen in TLC.You will get these as individual PDF’s delivered to your inbox (one per day) for you to read, digest, learn from and implement yourself.


For illustration purposes I’ve printed out TLC, see the photo below:

In total there’s 80 pages of meat and potatoes. 3 videos + live website examples

+ 5 part email sequence to feast your eyes on and learn from.

This is not only for ‘merchants’ (product creators). In TLC I demonstrate with a live website examples of how to setup your sales funnel. You’re also shown how it all links together between website and email sequence to connect with your prospects and convert them into customers.

Think of TLC as a training program without the monthly expense. Only a one-time payment and it’s all yours.

I’ve seen email marketing courses (not a detailed as this) sell for $200+.

I have a reputation of over-delivering, and I often undercut myself. Not always a good thing,  but I like giving value and sharing what I know and do.

I could sell TLC at $147 all day long. However I’m making this course reasonably priced.

Not only that, but The List Connection comes with a 60 day no questions asked 100% money back guarantee.

If you implement what is taught you’ll see your sales skyrocket. Increased long term sales means a lot more moolah in your pocket. And that makes TLC worth far more than the asking price.

Yours sincerely,

PS: Take a look below at some of the comments The List Connection got from peeps when first released…